Delhi, India

Ruchi Nagpal

Best Recruiter for Oriflame - About 50 people joined me in 1 month.
Attained title of manager in 6 months.
Have achieved Goa trip as Manager.
Income of Rs 200 as beginner, now achieving earning Rs 25,000.
Achieved gifts like different Bags, Vanity clutches.
Worked as freelancer.
Gives free facial, free makeups & free skincare.
My main focus is to give best product of best quality.
Believes in SKINCARE (CTM)

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aastha kalra

I have known Ruchi Nagpal for a long time. She is a true blue entrepreneur. Her long association with Oriflame has given her rich experience in the field of cosmetics and direct selling.

Aastha Kalra, Graphologist and Handwriting Analyst, Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd